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Our experience in glass making
for international luxury brands
made us eclectic and ready to find solutions
tailored to our customers.

Know How

The vast experience of our team allows us to be proficient in all artistic and artisanal glassmaking techniques.

Design, Passion

Our close-knit team loves, lives and breaths glass, and we are open to brainstorm solutions across the design and prototipation phase in order to find together with our clients the best technical and economical solutions.


We crafted bespoke glass for clientsi n over 50 countries worldwide, and our rigorous company structure makes us a serious and reliable partner that can assist you from design to production and shipping of your items.

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wavemuranoglass / bespoke


Starting from our standard catalogue, we can adapt our products according to your every need.


We craft unique and exclusive glass masterpieces in Murano glass for artists and galleries. Our open-mindedness and knowledge of the medium allows us to shape glass according to every artist’s esthetic and conceptual expectation.


We’ve been collaborating with architecture and interior design firms for years, manufacturing for them bespoke installations. We will study with you the project you will send our way, predicting to the best of our capabilities all the issues that might occur during the complex production of artistic Murano glass. This will allow for a smooth transition from project to reality.

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