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Elevate your designs with the time-honored art of Murano glass, reimagined for the future. Wave’s collections offer a unique blend of tradition and modernity, perfect for enhancing your architectural, lighting, or interior design projects. Each piece tells a tale of Venetian heritage, masterfully transformed into contemporary elegance. Let Wave be your partner in crafting visionary spaces.

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Newest Collections


“Glow” is a young, easy to custom table-lamp. Realized in collaboration with Lym and product designer Riccardo Fasolo is a simple concept of lighting enriched by the wonderful effects created with glass casting technique.

Gio Stool

Handmade eclectic seating pieces creating using the blown glass technique applied to a meticulously hammered mold. The creation of these stunning works of art entails a truly remarkable and “heroic” blowing process, accompanied by a harmonious teamwork.


Designed in collaboration with Scattered Disc Objects (SDOBJS), “Talar” is a series of Murano glass and metal lighting fixtures that exude the idea of cultural contamination and exoticism. The structures are inspired by the slender architecture of the Middle East, like a colonnaded portico in Persian pavilions, reminiscent of an evergreen garden.


In collaboration with Wave Murano Glass, Andy Paiko crafted “Smolder”, an imponent modular structure inspired by decorative architecture with many textured vessels that complete each other’s negative space generating a perfect and cohesive whole.  Completely modular, available in any color or size.

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