The appeal of glassmaking has cast its spell over Venice for centuries, and the Venice Glass Week serves as a vibrant testament to the ongoing fascination with this ancient craft. Since its inauguration in 2017, the Venice Glass Week festival has attracted a global congregation of glass enthusiasts, artists, and artisans, converging to bask in the splendor of glass artistry’s past, present, and future. Following the triumphant success of the Italian Glass Weeks, including a noteworthy 2022 edition dedicated to artistic and industrial glass, the anticipation for the seventh iteration of the Venice Glass Week in September 2023 is palpable. Join us below as we delve into the historical backdrop of this event and uncover the excitement that envelops its highly anticipated 2023 edition.

A tribute to passion and excellence

The Venice Glass Week began in 2017, when a dedicated assembly of glass aficionados and experts envisioned a gathering that would pay homage to the historical and cultural significance of glass in Venice. Since its inception, the festival has metamorphosed into a vital nexus for the international glass community, fostering connections and collaborations that enrich the art form and perpetuate its evolution. The festival’s lineup spans an eclectic spectrum of events, ranging from illuminating exhibitions and workshops to insightful lectures and captivating glassblowing demonstrations.

A milestone

A momentous milestone occurred in September 2022 as the Italian Glass Weeks orchestrated a special edition dedicated to both artistic and industrial glass. In sync with the 2022 United Nations International Year of Glass, this event merged the Vision Milan Glass Week and the Venice Glass Week into a temporal fusion of creativity and celebration.

With an impressive participation of over 100,000 visitors engaging in a staggering 267 events, the event underscored the continuing charm and burgeoning popularity of glass artistry (The Venice Glass Week, 2023). For the Venice Glass Week, it marked a remarkable return to pre-Covid levels of attendance, cementing its stature as a quintessential fixture on the global art calendar, right here in Venice.

The seventh edition

Building on the resounding success of the 2022 special edition, the organizing committee wasted no time in announcing the return of The Venice Glass Week for its seventh edition in 2023. Set to take place from 9th to 17th September, the festival vows to present an unmatched exposition of glass artistry that will delight connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

As the Venice Glass Week unfurls its splendor in 2023, artists, artisans, and designers from different corners of the globe will once more congregate in the scenic embrace of Venice, Mestre, and the encompassing islands of Murano.

The seventh edition of the Venice Glass Week will continue its homage to the traditions and artistry of glassmaking, with master glassmakers opening their studios to showcase age-old techniques. Concurrently, the festival will embrace the currents of innovation and creativity, spotlighting contemporary artists who are pushing the boundaries of glass as an artistic medium, forging novel pathways for the future.

Our contribution

This year, Wave Murano Glass is proud to present the exhibition “Glass Renaissance: Igniting the Future of Murano Glass” as part of The Venice Glass Week. Talented artists from the Wave will be presenting their personal research and blending their experiences with the ancient techniques of Murano to create novel, original, and unconventional designs. You can find out more about the artists and their works by following us on social media or joining us at Wave during the week’s festivities. Please do take a look this
quick guide to navigate your journey to Wave
and to get a sneak peek of the marvels awaiting you at our furnace.

Furthermore, with a strong emphasis on the traditions of Venice and Murano across The Venice Glass Week, we invited you to delve into our contribution to the future of Murano glass in

this recent blog.

As we count down for the seventh edition, The Venice Glass Week is set to enchant audiences once again with its celebration of tradition, innovation, and the exquisite dedication to glass.

Anticipation is definitely in the and we eagerly await your presence at our studio and your participation in the upcoming events. See you soon!